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Structural Steel

Structural Steels are steel grades that are manufactured to specific shapes and profiles, and to set tensile strengths, for structural use. Indeed the standard designations "S235, S275, and S355" are descriptive of this, where the "S" stands for "structural" and the following numbers signify the nominal yield strength.

These steels are used extensively in construction, where their strength, both metallurgically and in form, is used to create large structures which can support their own weight hundreds of metres into the air, and against natural phenomena.

These grades are supplied as universal beams (UB), or universal columns (UC), depending on whether they are to be used horizontally or vertically. 

Integ Metals supplies all of the grades below in the displayed shapes, so please feel free to contact us to place an order, or read on for further information.

Structural Steel

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We offer Structural Steel in the following grades:

S235, S275, S355

Please contact us today to speak with our experts for more information on structural steel, or to place an order.

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