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Cast Products

Metal casting, in one form or another, can be traced back thousands of years. The reason this method of forming metals was chosen to manufacture our forebear's weapons and tools is much the same as we use still use the same method, albeit in an updated method, today; it is the most cost effective way of producing the same item repeatedly, with little waste.

The economies of scale really become considerable when large batches are required, as a single mould or die can be used for the production of thousands of the same product, vastly reducing the comparable costs of machining the same shape from billet.


The most used casting processes are: Die Casting, Permanent Mould Casting, Green and Dry Sand Casting, Plaster Casting, Investments Casting and Lost Foam Casting.

Considerations must be taken when selecting materials for casting as their properties may differ from their wrought counterparts. The quality of mould and atmospheric conditions can play a large part in the finished product. The quality of the casting process will also dictate how much secondary machining/finishing may be required.

Integ Metals supply all grades and specifications of metals for casting, so please feel free to read through the information on this page for reference, or contact us directly with your requirements. Furthermore, we also offer a production service where we can arrange one of our affiliate foundries to produce manufactured cast products to order, for your convenience.

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