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Martensitic Stainless Steel

Martensitic stainless steels are alloys that feature chromium and carbon as their primary alloying elements. They begin life in the austenitic state and are then subsequently hardened by heat treatment and quenching to form a distorted body-centred cubic martensitic structure. Molybdenum, vanadium, tungsten, and niobium may be added to enhance tempering resistance at high temperatures, whilst 1-3% nickel may also be included to improve corrosion resistance, although martensitic alloys are the least corrosion-resistant of the stainless steels.

These alloys are characterised as having high hardenability, good strength, moderate corrosion resistance - limited to that of rainwater or very mild acids only, and fair machinability in sulfur and selenium-containing grades. They do not possess good weldability or cold-forming properties. 

These alloys are used across a range of industries. Whilst best known as a family of cutlery and surgical instruments, they are also employed as a material for turbine blades, valves, pumps, petrochemical equipment, machine parts, and fasteners.

Integ Metals supplies 18 different grades of martensitic stainless steel in total, so please read below for more information on characteristics and available shapes, or speak to our expert sales team directly.

Martensitic Stainless Steel

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We offer Martensitic Stainless Steels in the following grades:

403 / UNS S40300 / Werkstoff 1.4000 / EN X7Cr13 / BS 403S17

410 / UNS S41000 / Werkstoff 1.4006 / EN X12Cr13 / BS 410S21

416 / UNS S41600 / Werkstoff 1.4005 / EN X12CrS13 / BS 416S21

418(SPL) / UNS S41800 / Greek Ascoloy

420A / UNS S42000 / Werkstoff 1.4021 / EN X20Cr13

420B / Werkstoff 1.4028 / EN X30Cr13 / BS 420S45

420C / Werkstoff 1.4031 / EN X40Cr14 / BS 420S45

420F / UNS S42020 / Werkstoff 1.4197 / EN X22CrMoNiS13-1


430F / Werkstoff 1.4105 / EN X6CrMoS17

431 / Werkstoff 1.4057 / EN X17CrNi16-2 BS 431S29

440A / UNS S44002 / Werkstoff 1.4116 / EN X50CrMoV15

440B / UNS S44003 / Werkstoff 1.4112 / EN X90CrMoV18

440C / UNS S44004 / Werkstoff 1.4125 / EN X102CrMo17KU

450 / UNS S45000

455 / UNS S45500

Please contact us today to speak with our experts for more information on martensitic stainless steels, or to place an order.

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