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Integ Metals supplies metals and materials directly to industry. Our most commonly supplied industries are the aeronautical, automotive, construction, energy, leisure, marine, medical, and oil & gas industries. On this page, we have listed the materials most regularly supplied for these industries, their characteristics, and their uses.


For further information on any of the materials listed, or to discuss your requirements for industries not listed here, we invite our customers to contact us with their queries.


The world of Aeronautics is the single most demanding field, for materials, within engineering. Extremes of temperature, exposure to the elements, not to mention bearing vast masses and G-forces, only the very best materials are used...


The Medical Industry presents some of the keenest challenges for engineering materials. In terms of absolute stress and strain on materials, the medical industry doesn't challenge the Aeronautical Industry, for example...


From golf clubs to tennis racquets, bicycles to kayaks, performance and health gains can be found in improving the materials used in leisure equipment. Whether it's weight saving, strength gaining, or ease of forming, winning or losing can be decided by material selection.


The world of Petro-Chemical engineering is unquestionably a most testing industry for engineering materials. Not only is there the severe corrosion threat from chemicals used in the refining of oil into petrol, there's also the fact that oil is often mined at sea...


The Marine Industry poses a raft of requirements for engineering materials. The first one that comes to mind is the issue of corrosion many materials face in salt water solutions, so a resistance to these events is a must...

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