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From the outset, we have always considered the perspective of the engineer when presenting our product range, simply because that is how we started - as engineers ourselves. Our product offering, and scope of service, are as broad as we could possibly make them, purely to ensure that we are able to assist you in the most concise and convenient way possible.

We have specifically curated our product selection to meet the prospective needs of typical tasks undertaken within the greater engineering industry so that regardless of the project and sphere of expertise, the sourcing of material is as straightforward as possible.

Please take a moment to peruse the materials in which we specialise below, and contact us for any further assistance you require.

Aluminium Menu Image.png

With it's ultra-low density, a protective oxide layer, vast range of alloys - giving a plethora of useful properties - and ready formability, Aluminium is a go-to material for a vast range of engineering applications.


Named after the gods of Greek mythology, titanium casts a large shadow in the world of engineering. Low density, high strength, excellent corrosion resistance, as comfortable at both elevated and cryogenic temperatures, titanium is a god among metals.


Nickel has incredible corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength and excellent creep resistance, all whilst being able to operate at elevated temperatures - a range of qualities vital to both the aeronautical and petrochemical industries alike.

Carbon Fibre.png

A member of the new-age family of materials, carbon fibre as a material only came into common use from the 1980s. Strong, incredibly light and easy to shape and form for any role, carbon fibre will only increase in use with time.


An iron-based alloy, and the most widely used engineering material, steel is unparallelled in it's range of alloys and, therefore, mechanical properties. As a result, its number of eventual applications is incalculable.


"Aramid" is the name given to a unique class of man-made synthetic fibres which have risen to prevalence due to their strength, high temperature stability and puncture resistance. Found in areas as diverse as bicycle tyres and bullet-proof vests.

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