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About Us

Integ Metals Ltd. are metal and composites suppliers, headquartered in London, England.


Our areas of expertise are in the supply of Aluminium, Nickel, Steel, Titanium, Carbon Fibre and Aramids, and in the supply of said materials to the Aeronautical, Automotive, Construction, Energy, Leisure, Marine, Medical and Petrochemical industries.


Outside of this scope our reach extends further by being able to source other requested materials, grades, shapes and dimensions, as our customers so require.


Moreover, all materials herein have the option of the application of suitable coating, plating and finishing to meet our customer’s specifications. In addition, all materials may be cut to our customers specified dimensions.



  • The international supply of all commercially available grades of Aluminium, Nickel, Steel, Titanium, Carbon Fibre and Aramids.

  • Individual cutting of said materials to the customer’s specifications.

  • Plating/anodizing/finishing materials to suitable specifications.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Our prime corporate objective is to further global cohesion by using the field of Metallurgy to equip, facilitate, educate, motivate and inspire those in the Engineering Industry. Having untapped resources to many of the industry's harder to find materials, as well as regular access to standard mill items, our services take the pressure and stress out of sourcing materials and allow Engineers to do what they do best – engineering our future.


We endeavour to achieve this by selling the best quality products at competitive prices and in the fastest possible times to people working in all corners of the Engineering community.


Through our social media feed, we intend to share this message, by making metallurgical information engaging and exciting to read, including their uses, unique properties and characteristics, as well as news on the Metallurgy and Engineering industries as a whole.


We pride ourselves in our level of customer service and are only too happy to facilitate customer requests to satisfy their needs for their individual projects.

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