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Aramids are a manmade fibre, with a name derived from "Aromatic Polyamides," as this is the chemical structure used to produce these heat-resistant, strong, lightweight and puncture-resistant fibres. Both common types, Meta-Aramids and Para-Aramids are derived from AABB polymers produced in reactions between amine and carbolic acid halide groups: Meta-Aramids from Poly-Metaphenylene Isophthalamides (MPIA) and Para-Aramids from Para-Phenylene Terephthalamides (PPTA). The most noticeable difference is that, whilst retaining excellent heat retardation properties, Meta-Aramids possess an inability to align during filament formation, and are therefore not as strong as Para-Aramids. As with Carbon Fibre, Aramids are usually spun into a yarn, only this time in anhydrous sulfuric acid, and subsequently woven into fabrics. Aramids are often applied as additional strengthening to other composite structures and are also commonly woven with either each other or with Carbon Fibre to create their own unique fabrics to utilise each other's unique properties. 

All grades and specifications of Aramids are available directly through Integ Metals, so please feel free to read through the information on this page for reference, or contact us directly with your requirements.