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Welcome to Integ Metals: suppliers of the broadest range of engineering materials - 340 individual grades of Aluminium, Nickel, Steel, Titanium, Carbon Fibre, and Aramids - and counting.


We supply metals and composites to businesses in industries including, but not limited to; Aerospace, Automotive, Leisure, Medical, Construction, Petrochemical, Energy, Manufacturing, and Marine.

Our products are sent all over the world to companies who want the hassle and worry taken out of their material supply. We are a one-stop shop for almost any engineering-applied metals and composites which you may require. Whether you are a materials distributor, a multinational manufacturer, or have a requirement for a single job, we are confident that we will be able to exceed your expectations.


Call us today, chat online, or send us an email, and we will supply all of your metal and composite needs, at the best prices and with fast international delivery. Please either browse this 'site for guidance or contact us directly with your requirements.



From the outset, we have always considered the perspective of the engineer when presenting our product range, simply because that is how we started - as engineers ourselves. Our product offering, and scope of service, are as broad as we could possibly make them, purely to ensure that we are able to assist you in the most concise and convenient way possible.

We have specifically curated our product selection to meet the prospective needs of typical tasks undertaken within the greater engineering industry, so that regardless of the project and sphere of expertise, the sourcing of material is as straightforward as possible.

Please take a moment to peruse the materials in which we specialise below, and contact us for any further assistance you require.